Airport Info Read about the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport

Superintendent of Operations

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Albany-Dougherty County Aviation Commission

Frank Middleton, M.D., Chairman

Keith Fletcher, Vice-Chairman

Robert Langstaff, City Commission Representative

Anthony Parker, Mayor Appointee

Charles B. Gillespie, M.D., Member at Large

Sanford Hillsman, Member at Large

Ken Hodges, Member at Large

Conference Room Rental

Contact Debbie Davis at 229.430.5175 for the rental contract.  

$500 damage deposit is required, and the hourly rental is $50/hour.

Airport Employment

The Airport is owned by the City of Albany.  Any Airport employment opportunities can be found at the link below.

Employment Opportunities

Parking Improvements

September 1, 2016 the SWGA Regional Airport became fully automated. We are currently adding a 2nd exit lane to expedite your departure. Learn more following the link below.

Parking Improvements Press Release

Airport Advertising

Are you interested in advertising in the state-of-the-art new terminal building?

If so, please contact Departure Media Airport Advertising. 

Important Telephone Numbers

Air traffic Control Tower

Airport Safety Office (Emergency or After Hours)

Airport Law Enforcement Office inside terminal

Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS)

Eagles of America (For Private Aircraft)

Eagles of America Aircraft Maintenance

Georgia State Patrol Aviation Division

UPS (local air cargo sort facility-NOT PACKAGE PICK-UP)

Thrush Aircraft Manufacturing

Fixed Base Operator (For Private Aircraft)
Eagles of America 229.434.8787
Hours:  5AM - 10PM Daily.  Holiday hours vary.

For Pilots Flying Into ABY

AirNav: KABY

Letter to Airmen

2 runways - 04/22, 6601' x 150' and 16/34, 5200' x 150' both grooved asphalt

TWR/CTAF 120.25 (due to occasional line of sight issues, runway sweeps are available by either contacting CTAF or calling the Airport Safety Office at 229.483.7717).

GND 121.9

ATIS 133.05

JAX CTR 125.75

RCO 122.6

ILS RWY 4 108.5

VORTAC (PZD) 116.1

NDB (AB) 227

Airport elevation:  197'


RWY:  Rwy. 04/22, 16/34, CTAF when TWR closed.

VASI:  Rwy. 16, 22, and 34 - 24 hrs.

Beacon:  Yes

Other:  MALSR - Rwy. 04 contact TWR.  When TWR closed - CTAF.

Fuel:  100LL, Jet A

Restroom:  Yes

Phone:  FBO - Eagles of America 229-434-8787.  Attended 0500-2200 daily.  Holidays vary.

Right traffic Rwy. 04 and 16

TWR closed 2000-0800 daily.